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Quotes from "The Last Pasture"



“I have milk in my veins!" - Amy


“We may be the same age, but I’m a-one head taller than you!” - Alex


“Sometimes we seem to do everything together forever!!” - Alex


“Sure, I like sports – I like going for a walk in a long pasture!” - Amy


“If I get sick, my Mom and Dad are going to blame me for messing up my new sneakers!” - Alex


“I don’t think he’s coming – his sneakers are too expensive" - Amy


“It’s a good thing you were late – your sneakers would have never survived the experience!" - Amy


“I know you care, but does anyone else?” - Alex


“I don’t know – why are kids so mean sometimes?” - Amy


“Right now, all I can give Jim and Teri is six cents" - Amy


“Stop laughing, before I sit on you!” - Alex


“Hi – I’m Teri, the reason Amy is in big trouble!”


“Yes, Amy seems to do a lot of that lately – I’m John, Amy’s father, and warden!”


"Off to the Indian harvest festival with Alex – turned up!” - Amy


“I heard there’s a girl who’s trying to raise money to keep the farm there – she sounds a little strange!” - Marci


“Mom, look at me!” - Amy


“The land will not be theirs any longer, Amy, but they’ll still need your help.” - John


“A sack of money – my dear Amy!” - John










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