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Too many distractions, not enough discipline...

When I began fiction writing in 2014, there was a focus that's in short supply today. The world creates so many distractions (and living in South Florida does not help - it seems there's always something wrong here) writing beomes almost impossible at times, a/k/a it's hard to write when I wish there were a way to go back in time (there ain't).

What to do?

Writer retreates are nice - nice and expensive, and not possible the past few months as we all know.

Online webinars are fine, but I never seem to gather enough from them to make a difference.

Go back to school? Not possible right now either, so that's out.

A return to the fundamentals seems like the best idea so far.

Throughout my life, I always found the "honeymoon" period the best when it came to enjoyment - and learning.

I've heard from enough agents who like my idea but are not happy enough.

What they don't like is the way I've approached the story. Now, some have said though it might not be right for one it could be good for another, but my habit of first person dialogue (talking to oneself) probably gives some agents the chills and they stop right there.

That aside, it's also difficult for me not to compare my problems to the success of others - a bad habit, I know, but when some write an entire manuscipt first draft in less than two months and query it in less than six, it makes me think something is wrong - with me.

I have two other MG's also in production and similar in voice, so it's not just a problem limited to one story.

What to do...

Distractions plus a lack of discipline make it very difficult for me to make enough headway.

And, the world has become too crowded and noisy for me and that makes a BIG difference too.

Still, to return to the fundementals might be the answer - and more discipline.

A lot more discipline - and not wasting time on the Internet.


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